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Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Katowice

Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Katowice (CCI) was established by 103 founders on 13th February 1990 and registered on 21st March 1990. It’s an organization of economic self-government, which associates business entities. The Chamber holds a legal status on the basis of the Economic Chambers’ Act from 30th May 1989 and its own Statute. CCI in Katowice continues the tradition of the Chamber of Commerce founded in Katowice in 1922 and the Silesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which functioned in years 1927-1950.

Principal aims and tasks of the Chamber according to the Statute:  

  • Representing economic interests of entrepreneurs associated in the Chamber and their unions in the scope of their economic activities, especially in relations with state and authorities of local government,
  • Forming, popularizing and promoting the rules of ethics and fairness in economic activities, especially elaborating and improving the norms of reliable proceedings in trading,
  • Giving opinions on legal acts concerning economy, monitoring the process of their implementation and functioning, and introducing these assessments, with possible suggestions of change, to adequate public authorities,
  • Organizing assistance for the Chamber’s Members in solving economic, organizational and legal problems in running their business activities,
  • Pursuing promotional activities for the benefit of the Chamber’s Members and assisting them in establishing contacts with Polish and foreign partners,
  • Developing educational system, which prepares employees for the economic sector,
  • Undertaking activities for employment and development of human resources, performing tasks, which result from the membership in the Polish Chamber of Commerce,
  • Running the Court of Arbitration and a mediation center by the CCI in Katowice,
  • Conducting mediation and honorary proceedings in economic cases, in which at least one side is represented by the Chamber’s Member,
  • Representing interests of entrepreneurs – employers who are the Chamber’s Members in relations with public authorities and employees’ organizations, including contacts with trade unions,
  • Lobbying understood as every action conducted according to legally permitted methods, aiming to exert influence on public authorities, in order to take into consideration in the decision – making processes the rationales and interests of particular social or professional groups – on the basis defined by the act from 7th July 2005 concerning lobbying in the process of establishing the law,
  • Undertaking and running the activities aiming to activate the Chamber’s Members, gaining new members and stimulating enterprising attitudes among citizens, especially youth,
  • Undertaking and running activities for the development of enterprise in modern organizational, innovative and technological forms.