Crisis of leadership? What kind of leaders do Poland and Europe need?

To achieve a success in business, managers need to have not only extensive knowledge, understanding of the market and many business competences  but mainly the ability to be a successful leader. The studies show that not all managers are leaders and the organizations with strong leaders are working better on the market than those without them. 

The experts during the discussion panel: “Crisis of leadership?  What kind of leaders do Poland and Europe need?” will talk about how to be a successful leader and what mistakes to avoid. The panellists will discuss also if skilfully management is caused by inborn predisposition or acquired skills. A strong point of the panel will be the presence of exceptional business leaders – practitioners, who will share their secret of success.

The session will be held as a part of the V European Congress of Small and Medium-Size Enterprises on 12.10.2015 at 15.00-17.00 inthe International Congress Centre in Katowice. The participation in the Congress is free of charge. We encourage to register on: