Dialogue needed immediately!

Misunderstandings and conflicts of employees and owners/ management can happen in every business. At the beginning of the year Poland followed the events in Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa, the company suffered huge losses in production, sales as well as in image itself. As we can learn from this and many other examples the constructive dialogue is always better than an escalation of the conflict.


The discussion panel “Dialogue as the best workplace conflicts resolution” will focus on the dialogue issues. The experts will discuss the theoretical and scientific grounds of dialogue, its practical side in the context of SME sector needs and positive values of this form of communication. Good practice from other countries will be brought to our attention. A strong point of the panel will be the presence of experts – practitioners who will share their experiences.


The session will be held as a part of the V European Congress of Small and Medium-Size Enterprises on 14.10.2015 at 09.00-11.00 inthe International Congress Centre in Katowice. The participation in the Congress is free of charge. We encourage to register on: https://rejestracja.ekmsp.eu/system/en/login/.