Diplomacy in the service of SME – what kind of support do Polish exporters and importers expect?

One of the central ideas behind this year’s Congress is to show the owners of small and medium enterprises the opportunities that arise fromexpanding into foreign markets. In the process of internationalisation of economy, a key role is played by diplomacy.

How does the Polish economic diplomacy function, and how do other European countries fare? Those are the questions that we will answer during the “Diplomacy in the service of SME” panel. Among the invited experts are representatives of the Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, consuls, commercial counsellors and representatives of Chambers of Commerce. The aim of the debate is to produce recommendations for the Polish government.

Austria has many years’ experience in supporting SME through diplomatic missions. After the Second World War, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs signed an agreement with Chambers of Commerce to jointly assist Austrian enterprises abroad, regardless of the business’ size. For decades, this model and practice have worked perfectly and led to many business successes in different regions of the world.

Karl Schmidt, Commercial Counsellor at the Embassy of Austria in Poland

We heartily invite all entrepreneurs to participate in the discussion.

The Session’s Substantial Partner is the Polish Institute of International Affairs.

The session will be held as a part of the V European Congress of SME on the 12th of October 2015 at 15.00 to 17.00 at the International Congress Center in Katowice. Participation in the Congress is free of charge.