Paths of this year’s Congress

Ścieżki tematyczne VI EKMSP

Meet main paths of this year’s Congress and find a way for you. Select the topics that interest you most. The current program can be found under “Program”.


Searching competitive advantages is currently the most important challenge for entrepreneurs. This path is intended for those who instead of reducing costs, they want to invest in innovative solutions and skilfully reach for the funds allocated for this purpose.


Most of the SME sector companies still do not use external financing. By choosing this path, you will find out where are the reasons for this state of affairs, you learn to overcome barriers in obtaining capital and learn about the different aspects of cooperation with financial institutions.


Instability of law is one of the main barriers to doing business. Micro and small entrepreneur needs to keep pace with changes in legislation and is often responsible for all mistakes. Do you want to change it? During the Congress you can try to create a stable law and a friendly atmosphere for the development of entrepreneurship and get to know the activities that are in the area of protection of the rights of entrepreneurs led by the Office of the Ombudsman.


Is it possible to overcome the crisis through changes in the education system and the involvement of employers in its functioning? Are motivated and aware of their potential people work better? Are the inner workings and relationships in companies are based on the values that are communicated outside? Take part in the discussion on education wise, enterprising and vulnerable people.

Congress's paths


The company’s development largely depends on its environment. If you are interested in leading family businesses, the role of the Labour Offices in enhancing the competence of future employees and the adequacy of the forms of employment to changes in the economy – this path is for you. Select it also, if you close the theme of water transport and land and the directions of their development.


During the Congress we want to introduce areas of cooperation of local government and business, to show the most interesting solutions used by local governments in Poland and abroad. Debates will be complemented by presentations of cities and regions during the Fair Business Expo. This proposal is addressed to those who are interested in the condition and future of towns and cities.


Poland for the first time since 1989, have positive result of foreign trade. Select this path if you are interested in closer cooperation within the Visegrad Group, growth opportunities in the Americas, with a particular focus on the state of Nevada, Belarusian prospects for Polish entrepreneurs. Within its framework you will also be able to talk with the heads of Trade and Investment from 50 countries.