The metropolises in the service of entrepreneurship

European SME Congress is being deemed as a meeting point of business and administration. Business propels development of cities and regions while the role of local administration is to build environment for entrepreneurship. How to create that kind of politics and how to develop it? What kind of tools may be used and where to find inspiration?  

We will look for the answers on the second day of Congress during 4 hour long session dedicated metropolis. We will start at 11:30 with St. Etienne House in Katowice and discussion about process of administration changes in France and its model of supporting entrepreneurs by local governments. We have invited experts from St. Etienne and Lyon to share their experiences. After presentation of French model we invite you to join discussion region of Silesia. Together with Silesia Metropolis we have asked mayors and presidents of Silesian cities to talk about of future of our Region.

The Polish Government will be present as well during that debate as it run the important role in the process of creating the Polish law.