VI European SME Congress

We gladly announce that VI European Congress of Small and Medium-Size Enterprises will be held on 10th-12th October 2016 in the International Congress Center in Katowice. We kindly invite You to take part in the biggest SME sector meeting in Europe! Registration will be free of charge. Registration form will be available on July.


For the time being, read our collection of conclusions drawn during the debates and panel discussions of the V European SME Congress.

Rekomendacje po V EKMŚP   • “Recommendations”

The SME sector is the foundation of the Polish economy. To ensure its effective functioning, it is necessary to initiate changes in law, which will support entrepreneurs. Providing stable conditions for the growth of micro, small and medium entrepreneurship in our country is impossible without actively listening to the demands coming directly from that environment. That is why the results of the aforementioned annual meeting between entrepreneurs, representatives of the scientific community, business environment institutions, local governments and government authorities are presented in the “Recommendations”.

Work on VI European Congress of Small and Medium-Size Enterprises is already in progress. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact:

Bogusława Bartoszek
Secretary of the European SME Congress Organizational Committee


Take part in VI European Congress of Small and Medium-Size Enterprises. Let’s meet in Katowice!