9. edition of the European SME Congress

 Dear Participants,

  1. Participation in the 8th European Congress of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises is free of charge.

  2. It is required to register Individually in the “Registration” tab.

  3. The Organizer cannot register larger groups of participants on its own, due to e.g. the necessity of giving a personal consent to the processing of one’s personal data. 

  4. The homepage of the congress also enables to register yourself to B2B meetings which will be taking place between 16-18th October 2019, in the territory of the Biznes Expo Fair, which is accompanying the congress. These meetings are an occasion to establish direct business relations with foreign entities participating in the congress.  

  5. Each participant should download a voucher generated by the registration software - available after logging-in in the “My Tickets” drop-down menu. The voucher in paper or in electronic form, shall be produced at the congress reception desk.

  6. Registration during the duration of the congress will be possible, directly at the congress reception desk.

  7. During the congress the International Congress Centre will be accessible only through ul. Olimpijska. Also the reception desk will be located there.

  8. Free of charge cloakrooms will be made available to the participants.

  9. Printed programme of the congress (in Polish and English language versions) will be available for collection at the congress reception desk.

  10. The inaugural session will be held on 16th October 2019 at 11:00 in the ball-rooms.

  11. All congressional sessions will be interpreted into English. Chosen sessions will be also interpreted into other languages. It will be possible to collect the headsets for simultaneous interpretation at the reception desk. 

  12. A line-up of sessions taking place on a given day in different conference rooms will be displayed on the multimedia panels located at the entrance to the rooms. 

  13. The Congress is open, which means that the participant holds the right to participate in all congressional sessions with open registration, not only in the sessions to which he or she had registered themselves. The Organizer does not verify the persons entering particular sessions with the list of enrolled participants. Registration to a given session is of informative and organizational character - it enables the Organizer to adjust the capacity of the room, having regard to ensuring proper comfort.  However, there might be a situation that the registration to a given session will not ensure a seat during the session. 

  14. During the congress, also closed events are being held. Such events might be included in the registration programme, however no registration is possible. A notice that a given event is closed will be included in the printed programme of the congress and on the multimedia panel located at the entrance door to the conference hall. 

  15. In the event of necessity to call for medical assistance, please contact a person holding an “Organizer”, a volunteer or security staff badge. 

  16. We have prepared a hotel accommodation offer for the congress guests – which is available after logging in in a “Hotels” drop-down menu.

  17. Parking-related news will be given within the forthcoming days. 

  18. The location of the International Congress Centre in Katowice can be found HERE 


We wish you all a fruitful participation in the congress.



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